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Tom is running because Lincoln needs dedicated leaders who not only care about the community but who can also develop the frameworks of success to keep Lincoln prospering for years to come. Actions speak louder than words, and his service over the years demonstrates that he remains committed to doing just that.



Strong Places Build Strong People

Tom Beckius is a proud son of Lincoln, Nebraska and will work to keep our community strong, safe and successful.

Tom Beckius was born and raised in Lincoln. He grew up as the son of small business owners who taught him to work hard, be honest and treat others fairly. As a husband, stepfather and small business owner himself, Tom is running to continue the legacy of keeping Lincoln a great place to raise a family, build a career and enjoy our lives together.

Tom does not just talk about his values, he lives them. He has served as your Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commissioner since 2017 and has helped move Lincoln forward through his involvement in our schools, nonprofits and the business community. Tom knows that Lincoln wins when everyone thrives and that we must work hard to ensure our residents, families, schools, businesses, churches and nonprofit communities always prosper.

Over the years, Tom has spent endless volunteer hours working to make Lincoln a better place for everyone. He has served on the boards of the Community Health Endowment of Lincoln, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln City Libraries, Lincoln’s Young Professionals Group, Lincoln Commission on Human Rights, OutNebraska and NextGen at Lincoln Community Foundation. Tom also serves on the Community Advisory Council for Lincoln Public Schools and is a former member of the President’s Advisory Council for the University of Nebraska.

Tom works in the real estate and construction industries and is the owner of Nebraska Brokerage. He is married to John Pearson and has one awesome stepdaughter. In his free time, Tom enjoys traveling, cooking, working in his yard and spending time with family and friends.

As your Lincoln City Councilman, Tom will prioritize policies that create safe city streets, equitable economic development, the highest levels of public safety and a great quality of life for our children. Tom will work to keep Lincoln strong, safe and successful.


Community - Innovation - Dedication

Tom is running because he knows that Lincoln needs visionary leaders with the spirit and courage to roll up their sleeves and tackle tough issues. As a Lincoln-Lancaster Planning Commissioner, that’s exactly what Tom has done. He has voted for policies that keep jobs, improve streets and traffic, increase affordable housing, grow new business opportunities, enhance Downtown Lincoln and support wind and solar energy.

As a Lincoln City Council member Tom will keep working to make our community strong and successful by continuing to support policies that ensure a high quality of life for our kids, safe neighborhoods, affordable housing, robust economic development and the highest level of public safety.

Tom supports sensible, cost-effective solutions to keep Lincoln’s roads safe and sound. As we grow, Tom will also be mindful of Lincoln’s need to plan for an additional water source, and the impacts climate change will have on our community.

Tom knows Lincoln thrives most when everyone thrives together. Tom’s focus will not only include adding good-paying jobs and growing businesses but also working to create environments and opportunities where everyone can succeed.

Tom supports the Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln Fire and Rescue and gives his thanks to the men and women that keep Lincoln safe. Tom also has a long history of supporting community-based programs that aid those needing social services, mental health assistance and other resources. Tom believes our community works best when it works together.

Development and enrichment of the lives of children is one of our highest priorities. Tom believes cities can help build a strong foundation for development by providing safe neighborhoods, great parks, engaging libraries and a shared commitment to strong schools.